wall-filling works

wide format paintings

Color and Geometry

A neighbourhood of colored gardens. Bird eyes perspective. Or do we see here a topography of Kuma villages and mountain peaks? There are no instructions. Everything remains abstract, its up to your imagination. The colors fill the room with a reminder of the intense african light. You have to travel to get a closer understanding of these work.

There are no instructions

approx. 1920 x 1240 mm
unique piece

3.200 Euro


artefacts of the savannah

There are no living giraffes in Togo. In the memories, large animals of the ancient savannah are present. In Africa's new postcononial self-esteem, it is not only giraffes that represent greatness. They are an enduring symbol.

ancient savannah

approx. 1950 x 1000 mm
unique piece

3.400 Euro


Le CocotiƩr

Over the wooden fire the fruits of the palm trees are cooked to an orange oil. This "blood of the palm trees" is processed here in small-scale farming structures according to old recipes. The rich water of coconuts are an essential part of the togolese street food. Strong women with machetes prepare the hard-to-open fruit for customers in seconds.

Palm trees are part of Kosi Agbo's figurative dictionary of the tropics. A symbol of the symbiosis between mankind and nature.

ancient savannah

approx. 1550 x 1070 mm
unique piece

3.800 Euro